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Welcome to Our New Members!
Nancy Ficarrotta Jo Ann Wardein Rob Caborn
Doris Lynch Marilyn Kirchoff Russell Nicholson
B. Lynn Barry Cheryl Bass Diane Wilson
Carmen Locatelli Lanette Ray Susan Carter
Robert Gaona Merrie Ann Turner Diana Duque
Joseph Leon Frank Turner Paula Gibson

November Member Spotlight:
Marcie Parks: Meet Marcie Parks who has been a member of the Mid County Sr. Center since 2015.  She was born in Monroe, Utah on September 4, 1922.  Yes, she is 101 years old.  If you meet this lady and chat with her you will never believe for a second that she is 101. Her daughter said she is like a walking encyclopedia for the past 100 years. She is an avid Duplicate Bridge player and has enjoyed playing Bingo. Amazingly, she not only lives alone (with a daughter living a few blocks away) but she still drives  (not on the freeway).  She walks with no help from a cane or a walker and she is not one to ever complain.  What an inspirational lady. Here are some memories from this beautiful lady: I met my future husband in Salt Lake City when I was going to Business College.  I was living in Salt Lake City when the news came that Pearl Harbor in Hawaii had been attacked by the Japanese. I married George Parkes and spent 30 years with him in military service.  We were stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska when it was still a Territory (1947-48). We were sent to Japan in 1959 and lived there for three years, a year in Alabama, six years in Nebraska, and 6 months in Idaho. When the opportunity presented itself, I went back to school receiving a B.A. in Psychology at the age of 49 years old. A couple of days ago, I received a letter from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York asking me if I would be interested in participating in a research study of people who have lived to be 100.

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