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Welcome to Our New Members!
Carol Beatty
Mary Beth Braham
Robert Culbertson
Susan Hottel
Wanna Morgan
Ellen Peek
Doris Splettstoesser
Dawn Stiles

Annie Bachar
Bob Culbertson
Jean Gaetz
John Gallagher
Doris Jones
Ganesh Kamath
Elena Laborde-Bishop
Art Landacre
tom Moschetti
Dawn Stiles
Holly Thomas
Stephanie Triolo

March Member Spotlight:
Ann Ligon: Ann has been a member of MCSC since 2019. In that time, she has become an invaluable member.  If you have been here more than once, you have most likely met her.  She is a receptionist, helps with Bingo, Cashiers for dinners, breakfast and many of the dances.  She works as an overseer and when she is not working, she is generally here playing.  Ann is an active member of the Choraliers and plays Canasta as often as she can. Ann spent much of her life in Virginia.  She has been in Santa Cruz for several years and has lived here for periods of time in her past.  She is currently planning to return to the East Coast, and she will be sorely missed here at the center.  

Make sure you stop in to say good-bye to her and let her know how much we have all appreciated her.


April Member Spotlight
Janet Thelen has been a member of the center for 12 years. She is a master gardener and can be found in the garden on most days. She grows all of our amazing Dahlias, and generously helps create our wonderful bouquets. She also helps with Grey Bears distribution and is one of the Lavender Ladies. Janet is always willing to help with anything we need. It would really be a challenge to find a nicer person. We are so very grateful for everything she does.


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