Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 4PM

When we started
MCSC was founded in 1970 and moved into our current location in 1974. MCSC has grown from the suggestion of one person more than 50 years ago to the thriving organization we are today. We are member owned, member operated nonprofit and not aligned with any government, religious or political organization. Our goal is to provide activities where seniors can have fun, stay socially active and use their wide range of skills.

What we do
The Center offers activities catered to seniors. We frequently host special events such as breakfasts, dinners, barbecues, and fairs. Our talented Choraliers occasionally perform for the Community. As a vital community asset, we are a pickup location for the weekly Grey Bears’ Brown Bag food program, we host the annual Project Scout tax preparation for the elderly program, and are the meeting place for substance abuse support meetings.

How we work
We are a volunteer-based organization. Every member is encouraged to participate by sharing ideas, volunteering, attending meetings or just enjoying our activities.

Meet the Board of Directors
MCSC is managed by a member-elected, volunteer Board of Directors that meets on the third Friday of the month.

Board president: Curt Jewell, 1st Vice-President, Bella Hughes, 2nd Vice-President, Teri Mantz, Treasurer, Cindy Kiernan; Corresponding Secretary, Vicky Howell; Recording Secretary: Marilyn Jessup. Directors at Large: Tony Alonzo, Marilyn Carter, Donna Fernandez, Nancy Prevedelli. Past President, Debra Sheehan.

Committees are where the work gets done. Under the direction of the board, committees manage tasks, review proposals and welcome member participation. You can learn about projects, make suggestions, and help formulate the Center’s future direction.  Each committee chair determines how frequently and where the meetings will be held. If your interested in participating, please reach out to the committee Leader.

Building, Property & Technology Committee. Chair: Curt Jewell, President.
ByLaws Committee. Chair: Cindy Kiernan, Treasurer.
Finance Committee. Chair: Cindy Kiernan, Treasurer.
Garden Committee. Chair: Curt Jewell, President/Garden manager.
Membership Committee. Chair: Vicky Howell, Corresponding Secretary.
Personnel Committee. Chair: Curt Jewell, President.
Meals Committee. Chair: Teri Mantz, 2nd Vice President
Activities & Events Committee. Chair: Casey Hawkins
Publicity Committee. Chair: Bella Hughes, 1st Vice President

General meetings
In March, June, September, October and December, the MCSC Board of Directors invite the MCSC membership for a General Meeting to meet, greet and participate.