Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 4PM

Do you like to sing, dance, play dress up? Join the MCSC Choraliers!

Tuesday rehearsals. 9:30-Noon
You do not need to audition to become a Choralier. Just show up for our Tuesday rehearsals. We put on a show for the general public a few times a year. Come join the Choralier family for lots of fun, laughs and pleasure. We welcome all new comers, it’s an experience!

Thursday dance workshop. 8:45-10:30
Our Thursday Dance workshop works on dance routines that will be incorporated into the Choraliers’ performances — tap, jazz, folk and Broadway style. 

OUR NEXT SHOW – Sunday, April 21 – 2:00PM – “Name That Tune…Or Else”
Activity Leaders: Wanda Kocina, Jeremy Griffey, Terri Lesniak, Cindy Kiernan